Choosing Childhood Shootout September 28, 2018

Image of Choosing Childhood Shootout September 28, 2018

This shootout is Friday September 28th

There is a second Shootout date on
September 23rd, 2018 it is a Sunday
and Isabel Shaw will be the main host
of that shootout. I will arrive a little later.

We will meet at 6pm on Main street in Down town Houston. You can park near where the Spaghetti warehouse is and walk down to Main Street and meet in front of the old Houston Studios location.

We are opening this shootout for free to 50 photographers and 50 models. If you would like to bring your own model, please select a model spot and photographer spot. Only one spot per person.

You can also host your own shootout in your own city. This is for Houston Downtown only.

Models you will have to arrive with Hair and Make up completed. Slicked back and wearing a black suit.

We are a photography community are taking a stand against the exploitation of children for profit.
Please use the following hash tags #girlempowerment #girlboss #positivemessages #choosingchildhood