Goddess Commitment Fee

Image of Goddess Commitment Fee

Goddess Portrait session
3-hour photoshoot- Hair and Make Up,
$200 product credit.

The commitment fee is 100% refundable if the client decides to not purchase any additional photos. No obligation to purchase. If you fail to arrive to your photoshoot, the fee is forfeited.

By purchasing this item you, the buyer agrees that last minute cancellations will not entitled you to a refund.
This cancellation policy applies to ALL cancellations with the exception of the rare rainout on both your shoot date and your makeup date. Because we typically book sessions several months in advance, we certainly understand that your circumstances may change (family travel schedules, work schedules, illness, sports schedules, etc.), and we appreciate you following through with your commitment to attend your session or pay your cancellation fee in a timely manner if we are unable to fill the spot.